Leon Kuperman

Title: Battling the Epidemic of Insecure Smart Home Products Using Machine Learning


Smart home products have become a staple in homes across the United States. In fact, there are over 20 billion internet connected devices worldwide as of 2017. Unfortunately, although these devices are plentiful, security measures are not. As this number continues to increase, so do the malicious attacks by opportunistic hackers. Manufacturers leave serious vulnerabilities, as recent attacks have proved, and the explosion of IOT devices on the market is creating a vast security hole for consumers. Attackers use these vulnerable devices as entry points. AV software is far from sufficient as it does not protect these vulnerable devices. Just covering PC’s, Macs and Android devices is not enough in today’s connected world. The solution to this security crisis is machine learning.

Bio: Leon Kuperman, CTO at CUJO IoT Security Leon Kuperman

Leon has a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, and is applying this expert knowledge of machine learning to his work at CUJO smart firewall. He is also an authority on Web Application Security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), e-commerce, cloud computing and web application architecture. Before CUJO, he co-founded ZENEDGE, a Web Application Security Platform for Enterprise. He also assisted with the launch of Modnique.com and held the position of CTO at Bidz.com. Prior to Zenedge, Leon founded and led Truition Inc., and early on demand ecommerce platform, winning major clients including Dell Financial Services, MLB, Comet, Philips, NHL, United Airlines and Disney. In his early career, he was the founding co-developer of IBM Net.Commerce currently named IBM Websphere Commerce Suite.