Eric Burger


Eric Burger is a Research Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and Director (General Manager) of the Georgetown site of the NSF Security and Software Engineering Research Center (S2ERC). The S2ERC focuses on enabling different enterprises to securely connect together.

He has a classic R&D career including key positions with technology leaders: MCI, BEA Systems, Neustar, Brooktrout, Centigram, and Cable & Wireless. His career track has gone from being a Research Engineer and Research Engineer, Program Manager, Engineering Director, VP Engineering, SVP and Chief Technology Officer, as well as General Manager and Center Director.

For entrepreneurial and startup experience, he was Founder and CTO of SnowShore Networks, a top-tier VC-backed company with a successful exit. He was founding CTO (through merger) of Cantata Technology, a top-tier PE-backed company. He has a track record of creating value and explaining that value to the marketplace, the corporation, and investors, measured by industry recognition, thought leadership, patents, and market capitalization / value at exit. He stayed on with the surviving company in four out of five acquisitions.

For international experience, he developed and executed growth strategies for penetrating and partnering in major Asian markets including China, Japan, and Korea as well as Europe. He lived in Europe for over five years, establishing an R&D center for a US company as well as serving as a major account manager to one of the largest companies in Europe.

Dr Burger holds a SBEE from MIT – Electrical Engineering, MBA from Katholikeke Universiteit Leuven – International Business Management, and a PhD from Illinois Institute of Technology – Computer Science.