Cybersecurity Distinguished Speaker Series

You can now watch the recorded talk by Donna Dodson of NIST on YouTube.
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Title: Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in Light of Evolving Threats

 Dodson1Luncheon with the Distinguished Speaker: Donna Dodson
Chief Cybersecurity Advisor for NIST

Panel Discussion:
Donna Dodson, Chief Cybersecurity Advisor for NIST
Matthew Scholl, Deputy Division Chief, Computer Security Division, NIST
Liam Randall, CEO, Critical Stack
Steve Mace, National Cable & Telecommunication Association
Dr. Mark Tehranipoor, Professor, UConn Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of CHASE and CSI Centers

Dr. Laurent Michel, Associate Professor, UConn Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering and Associate Director of CSI

Center for Hardware Assurance, Security and Engineering (CHASE), University of Connecticut
Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation (CSI), University of Connecticut
School of Engineering, University of Connecticut